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We serve a wide range of eye care needs for patients, from refractive cataract surgery using the latest intra-ocular lens technology, to diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of medical and surgical eye conditions using the most advanced medical technology.  At McCarty Eye, we appreciate you trusting us with your eye care needs and strive to provide you with the best ophthalmic medical care with respect and professionalism.

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You’re in Good Hands

Experience, training, and skill

make an unbeatable combination, and we are ready to apply the full weight of our expertise toward your ocular health and wellness. Dr. McCarty has enjoyed a distinguished career as a comprehensive eye care specialist and is continually expanding his knowledge through continuing education to serve the Amarillo community with the finest eye care possible.



Most commonly an age-related eye condition where the lens in one or both eyes becomes cloudy or blurry affecting your activities of daily life. Our quick 8-10 minute day surgery procedure will get you back to your normal routine within days.

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Refractive Lens Exchange

Using the latest intra-ocular lens technologies, we can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism to help reduce or eliminate your dependence on wearing glasses or contact lenses using a procedure identical to cataract surgery.

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The best way to catch glaucoma before significant vision loss is by regular dilated eye exams. We offer the latest diagnostic technology to identify glaucoma damage as early as possible to preserve your vision for years to come.

Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome can often be overlooked but is a common condition for many people who live in the Texas Panhandle. We can help relieve you of constant eye irritation and improve your vision.

Dry eye


This is a noncancerous growth typically found in the inside or outside corner of your eye that can grow across the ocular surface causing irritation, redness, and vision loss.  A surgical procedure can be performed to remove this growth safely restoring a more natural ocular surface and improving vision and comfort.

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Dr. Alan McCarty Amarillo

Meet Dr. McCarty M.D.

Comprehensive Ophthalmology and Cataract Surgery

Alan McCarty, M.D. provides comprehensive ophthalmology and refractive cataract surgery for Panhandle Eye Group, LLP. After being born and raised right here in Amarillo, he got his start at Amarillo College and graduating from West Texas A&M University in 1996. He then attended the Texas Tech University School of Medicine receiving his MD in 2000.

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Introducing Our New Associate

Dr. Crystal Truong

Dr. Crystal Truong is a comprehensive ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon at Panhandle Eye Group, LLP. She studied Biology at Southern Methodist University and graduated Cum Laude from the University Honors Program in 2014. She received her medical degree from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in 2019 and completed her ophthalmology residency training at University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2023. Dr. Truong finds incredible fulfilment in the work she does and looks forward to serving the community for many years to come.

Dr. Truong is originally from Frisco, Texas, and is very excited to call Amarillo her new home away from home. When Dr. Truong is not at work, she can be found taking long walks with her two rescue dogs, Jack, and Leo, supporting the Amarillo Sod Poodles at Hodgetown, or relaxing at home with a Netflix show. Dr. Truong is engaged to Dr. Vish Reddy, who is also an associate at Panhandle Eye Group, LLP.

Patient Stories

The staff is just great! Everyone is so wonderful and nice. If you call and have questions, they ALWAYS answer you. I have always had to wear glasses since I was about 7 or 8 years old. To not have to wear glasses, contacts, or readers is just amazing!

Cheryl H.

The outcome of my surgery was amazing! Being able to see without help of readers or anything has been amazing. I don't have to worry about buying contacts, buying solution or expensive glasses. The cost is so worth it!

Barbara D.

They have the best system! The procedure is like a well-oiled machine, everything runs so smoothly and you’re still treated as an individual. Everyone is so friendly and courteous.

Mary W.

Everything has been perfect! The staff is very tentative and professional, I have no complaints whatsoever.

Calvin M.

The staff was attentive and caring about what I had to say. Dr. McCarty is a blessing for what he does.

Gary Schroeder

Everyone was so nice, caring, and professional. They made me feel very comfortable, in good hands, and I had a very good feeling about it all.

Marilyn Mann

Exceptional care! All my friends recommended Dr. McCarty and now I know why. Everyone loves their job, and it shows.

John R

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