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Why does my vision fluctuate throughout the day?

  • Fluctuations in your vision during the day or certain activities like reading, driving, or up-close handwork can be very frustrating. The most common cause of this fluctuation is dry eyes. As we do up close work or drive, we tend not to blink as much causing our ocular surface to dry out. For those with dry eyes, this problem gets magnified.  
  • Simple tricks can help limit this fluctuation. Start with using artificial tears more often while doing such activities. While reading or doing other up-close work, take a brief pause, refocus at distance, and blink a few times every few minutes then resume your activity. 
  • Also, limit air movement around your eyes. This may involve stopping or at least reversing the direction of your ceiling fans. While driving, direct all air vents away from your face. Using a room humidifier in the room where you perform the problem activity the most can also be helpful. 
  • If the problem persists, a thorough dry eye exam and additional treatments may be necessary. 

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